Top 15 Bangla Newspapers

Here you will get a list of all daily circulated top 15 Bangla newspapers of Bangladesh. This figure includes both digital and print subscription. A top Bangla newspaper is usually printed in broadsheets and very few of them are daily tabloid format. All most popular newspapers are published from Dhaka city. There are no evening editions of them, but every trending newspapers has morning editions. Those highly rising newspapers offer online edition and online edition is very popular all over the world. This figure of those includes branded print editions as well as normal print editions.

This list of top 15 Bangladeshi newspapers is created by compiling in mind the developments and demand of a new era. Now it is time to say that printing, circulation are declining day by day, but the online readership of popular newspaper are increasing. The truth is that, when lists for online readership and print circulation of newspapers are created the calculation of overall picture will be different. You should bear in mind that newspapers with a strong circulation number do not necessarily have an equally strong online readership, the reason is most of such newspapers ended up ranking low or not at all in this list of best newspapers.

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