Vorer Pata


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Vorer Pata Group

Founded: 2004

Editor/Publisher: Dr Kazi Ertaza Hassan

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: 93 Kazi Nazrul Islam Avenue, Karwan Bazar, Dhaka-1215, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 8189141

Email Adress: news@dailyvorerpata.com

Website: http://dailyvorerpata.com/

Vorer Pata is a Daily national newspaper in Bangladesh. Its a Bengali newspaper. This newspaper is owned by the vorer Pata Group. Vorer Pata is published by the South Western Media Limited from Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dr Kazi Ertaza Hassan, the Chairman of Vorer pata Group is the publisher and editor of this newspaper.

It was starting from 2004, this newspaper is in keeping with the period of the newspapers. The newspaper is broadsheet and paper quality is good. This newspaper every important news presents with colour picture. Its website link is http://dailyvorerpata.com

Vorer Pata news presents:

The Daily paper is online edition. It is a news update everyday time to time. This newspaper reading huge people every day in our country. Vorer Pata has 8 pages and it’s price is 3.00 Tk only. This newspaper provides national news regular published in first page, and other news, Shimana paria means, ( international news), Ruposhi Bangla means, (Regional news), Khelar mathe means, (Sports analysis), Anado Bazar means, (Entertainment Media Gossips), in the last page some of the important news by the Vorer Pata newspaper. Day to day news tried this newspaper. What the people want? Depending on the news that the paper. Truth news, like everyone.


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