Newspaper Type: Online newspaper

Format: online

Owner(s): SNC Limited


Editor/Publisher: Khaled Ahmed

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: Shah Forid Road. 30/3, Jalalabad R/A. Sylhet-3100. Bangladesh.

Phone No: +88 01711156789

Email Adress:


Sylhet is an online newspaper in Sylhet division of Bangladesh. It is a very popular as the online newspaper in Sylhet division. Regional, National and International any important news time to time update in online newspaper Sylhet The newspaper editor is Khaled Ahmed. In modern times, the demand of the online newspaper because, by the online newspaper peoples are getting every important news quickly.

Sylhet News:

They are likely to present the Daily online Sylhet news, National and Regional news, Economics and Trade, Science, Sports, Culture and Literature, Heritage, Tourism, International news, Education and Knowledge, Health Tips, Liberation, Organization news, and entertainment. They are every news collect with deep research. People want to do, it might have made the newspaper Sylhet every news reported.

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