Rangpur Chitra


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): A. S. M. Rubaiut Farhan

Founded: 2009

Editor/Publisher: A. S. M. Rubaiut Farhan

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: Road No-2, Shenpara, Rangpur-5400, Bangladesh.

Phone No: 0521 52727

Email Adress: info@erangpurchitra.com

Website: http://erangpurchitra.com/

Rangpur Chitra is a most popular newspaper of Rangpur division. Its Daily regional newspaper in Rangpur. The newspaper language is Bengali. This newspaper was started 2009. A. S. M. Rubaiut Farhan is the editor of the Rangpur Chitra newspaper. The paper is 8 pages, and its price 4.00 Tk only. The important news is printed on every page of this newspaper. But the most important news on the front page of the newspaper is printed.

Rangpur Chitra Presents:

The Daily Rangpur Chitra newspaper every day important news presents. They are regular news as Local news about Comilla division, National news of Bangladesh, Sastho pata (health tips and advice), Political news, Entertainment, and Media Gossip, Sports and analysis, Business and Economics related news, Editorial etc. The Daily Rangpur Chitra has an online edition and they’re presented every important news update in online.

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