New Age


Newspaper Type: daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Media new age Ltd.

Founded: June 7, 2003

Editor/Publisher: Nurul Kabir

Language: English

Headquarters: 30, Tejgaon Industrial Area, Dhaka-1208, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 8170450-56

Email Adress:


New Age is a leading Bangladeshi English daily newspaper publishes from Dhaka, capital of Bangladesh. Because of its anti-establishment editorial policy the New Age becomes one of the country’s most outspoken newspapers. From an early age, it was very popular for its investigative journalism with the transparent reporting quality and impressive outlook.

News of New Age:

The New Age provides real time news update to their readers so that it gets readers from all over the world. It also provides national and international news, Business news, sports, travel, technology, agriculture and many more news which is occurring every moment in the world. It’s online version provides breaking news 24/7. The New AgeĀ  aware about it’s social responsibilities and duties so that it works to ensure human rights for all humanbing and always try toremove gender discrimination from our society.

Now more than 13,240 people talking about the New Age newspaper and more than 354,439 page likes on Facebook. The highest standards of professionalism and ethical journalism is main key to achieve this success. The Daily New age was founded on June 7, 2003. It is edited by Nurul Kabir and Published by the Chairman of editorial board A.S.M Shahidullah Khan on behalf of media new age Ltd. The format of this daily English newspaper is Broadsheet.

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