ICE Today


Newspaper Type: Life Style Magazine

Format: Magazine

Owner(s): ICE Media Limited

Founded: 2005

Editor/Publisher: Nawshin Khair

Language: English

Headquarters: Bengal Center, Plot-2, Civil Aviation, New Airport Road, Khilkhet, Dhaka 1229, Bangladesh

Phone No: 88 02 8901135

Email Adress:


ICE Today is a monthly premier English lifestyle magazine publish from Dhaka Bangladesh. Nawshin Khair is Executive director, former editor is Ziaul Karim and Abul Khair Litu is the publisher of ICE Today. It is published on behalf of the ICE Media Limited. The regular features of ICE Today are beauty and fashion, food, travel, interviews, and different kind of events. It is very popular for tips and expert advice from experts. You also get here the latest news, facts and rumors about your favorite stars and superstars all over the world. ICE Today is your ultimate source for breaking celebrity news.

ICE stands for “information, communication and entertainment”. ICE Today is the best in terms of information, communication and entertainment. It has online edition and now you can read ICE Today magazine online or download it from internet. It provides intelligent information to the business man professionals and it also serves customer groups of people. It is considered that businesses around the world should in one platform. . Now it has a leading market position in the area of business and information. They always try to provide a time appropriate cover story about each of this issue. They also have various supplements as well.

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