Energy and Power


Newspaper Type: Periodical Magazine

Format: Magazine


Founded: 16th June, 2003


Language: English

Headquarters: Room- 509 & 512, Eastern Trade Center, 56, Inner Circular Road (VIP Road), GPO Box: 677, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 58314532

Email Adress:


Energy and Power (EP) is the first periodical magazine that deals with the much cried energy and power sector in Bangladesh and it started its journey on June 16, 2003. It is very populer magazine in bangladesh. The formate of this newspaper is magazine. The editor of Energy and Power believes¬†(EP) that public enlightenment is the foundation of democracy and forerunner of justice. The duty of a journalist is providing fair, comprehensive and true news and EP news believes on it. Energy and Power also believe that Professional integrity is the cornerstone of a journalist’s reliability. The editorial policy of EP is to follow the highest standards of practice and zero conflict of interest principles.

EP is working very hard to

  • Seek truth and report the same
  • Minimize harm to the concerned
  • Act independently
  • Avoid conflicts of interest, real or perceived; and disclose unavoidable conflicts in public
  • Be accountable to readers, well-wishers and people of Bangladesh

EP is working very hard to

  • Develop public conscientious on sustainable and even development of energy sector
  • Assist the policy makers in assuming pragmatic policy for balanced development of the energy sector
  • Continue supply of information among public and
  • Develop a group of reporter in its field

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