Dhaka Tribune


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Dainik Sokaler Khabar publications Ltd.

Founded: 2013

Editor/Publisher: Zafar Sobhan

Language: English

Headquarters: FR Tower, 8/c Panthpath, Shukrabad, Dhaka 1207. Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 9132093-94

Email Adress: news@dhakatribune.com

Website: http://www.dhakatribune.com/

Dhaka Tribune is a popular newspaper in Bangladesh. The newspaper is an English daily newspaper in our country. This newspaper was published nationwide from the capital Dhaka, Bangladesh. It was started in 2013 and edited is Jafar Sobhan. Dhaka Tribune is a Bangladeshi English newspaper. K. Anis Ahmed is the publisher of the Dhaka Tribune newspaper.

Dhaka Tribune Presents:

Time for a new generation of Bangladesh, because, Thie newspaper is here that new voice, and new vision for a new generation of our country. Its editorial team is wholly committed to publishing truly news. The Daily paper has an online version and the newspaper online edition too much popular. Its English highly interactive platform. Dhaka Tribune Regular News:English is an important issue at the present time of the new generation.Therefore, the English newspaper, the starters have much more popular this newspaper. Consider asking the youth to present the news in the English newspaper Dhaka Tribune.

The newspaper regular sections are Bangladesh news, World news, Business and Economics related news, Lifestyle, Sports analysis, Feature, and Opinion, Education knowledge, Health advice and suggestions. This newspaper has likewise published Magazine. There are several requirements of the magazine. Lots of important news of the print magazine. Dhaka Tribune as well as the importance of the news magazine.

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