Dhaka Courier


Newspaper Type: Weekly Magazine

Format: Magazine

Owner(s): Cosmos Group.

Founded: 1984

Editor/Publisher: Shayan S Khan

Language: English

Headquarters: Cosmos Center, 69/1, New Circular Road, Malibagh, Dhaka-1217, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 8312024

Email Adress: cosmos@citechco.net

Website: http://www.dhakacourier.com.bd/

The Dhaka Courier is not a daily newspaper, It is the English language Weekly Magazine in Bangladesh. This Magazine published every Friday.The Magazine, founded in 1984. Dhaka Courier is owned by the Cosmos Group. This magazine is out at once per week. Each week, the day it is presented. These magazines were out over the weekend, it is quite in demand in our country. Vacation retirement, like everyone to read this magazine. Its popularity in the country and many more. It began in 1984 and continues today. One week, took place in different parts of the country and outside the country have all the news in this magazine. At the present time many of these magazines for education purposes.

News of Dhaka Courier:

This Magazine every week published politics, Economics (Business and Finans), Editorial, Art and Reviews, Lifestyle, Sports, Education, Science, Development (Rural, Urban), Literature, Nature (Environment, Wildlife), and Socity (Gender, Law, Religion, Rights). Dhaka Courier is the longest English current affairs magazine in the Bangladesh. It was editors having Syed Badrul Afsan & Afsan Chowdhury. Now, The current editor of the Weekly newspaper is Shayan S Khan.

Find out more in this magazine for more details, read this magazine Dhaka Courier. Read for link http://www.dhakacourier.com.bd.

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