Dainik Purbanchal


Newspaper Type: Daily Newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Ainul Haque

Founded: 1967

Editor/Publisher: Al-Haj Liakat Ali

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: 38 Iqbal Nagar Mosque Lane, Khulna-9100, Bangladesh.

Phone No: +88 041 722251-3

Email Adress: liakat@purbanchal.com

Website: http://www.purbanchal.com/

Dainik Pubranchal is a Bengali regional newspaper in Khulna division of Bangladesh. In this newspaper, a popular newspaper in the Khulna Division.The newspaper’s founder, the late Ainul Haque. Al-Haj Liakat Ali currently editor and Managing Editor Begum Ferdousi Ali. Dainik Pubranchal The most circulated newspapers In the south-western region of Bangladesh. The demand is higher than the national press, as well as regional newspapers to people in the department. Because, People in the news of their department, the department may know from the Dainik Purbanchal. This 4-page newspaper and its price is 3.00 Tk only.

 Dainik Purbanchal News:

The Dainik Purbanchal regular sections are National news (Desher khabor), Regular news (Ancholik khabor), International news (Bidesher khabor), Kheladhula (Sports news) and many more. This newspaper has an online version.

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