Dainik Azadi


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Al-Haj Mohammad Abdul Khalek

Founded: 5th September, 1960

Editor/Publisher: Al-Haj Mohammad Abdul Khalek

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: 9-CDA Commercial Area, Momin Road, Chittagong, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 031 612380

Email Adress: info@dainikazadi.net

Website: http://www.dainikazadi.org/

Dainik Azadi is one of the most popular oldest newspaper in Bangladesh. It is a Daily Bengali newspaper published from Chittagong, Bangladesh . The newspaper was first published on 5th September, 1960. The paper printed from the Kohinoor printing press. Al-Haj Mohammad Abdul Khalek is the editor of Dainik Azadi. Bangladesh got independent on 16th December in 1971. 17th December published, only one newspaper Dainik Azadi and This paper’s main news of the day “Joy Bangla, Banglar Joy”.

Dainik Azadi has an online version. It is the first online newspaper of our country. Online edition was first started 2008. Recently, this newspaper freshly highly-developed from 16th March 2012. The paper is the only Bengali version in online. Regular news update in online. There collect all the news from Bangladesh and other countries. Every news time to time present in online.

Regular news of Dainik Azadi:

Daily Azadi is regular sections are Editorial (shampadokio), Sub Editorial (upo-shampadokio), International pages in world news, Letters, Khela Desh-Bideshe (Game abroad), Expatriate page, Health Tips (sasto patha), Education and knoledge, aregional news, Ships messages and Horoscope. This newspaper is published from Chittagong, Its read not only Chittagong’s people, but also read all Bangladesh peoples. This newspaper old, but there are currently very popular.


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