Share Biz


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Tabloid

Owner(s): Share Biz (Pvt.) Ltd.

Founded: 24 March, 2008

Editor/Publisher: Manzoor Sadek Kushnabish

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: House -36, Road 3, Block-C, City Project, Rampura, Dhaka-1219, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 7250067

Email Adress:


First share related Bangla newspaper is the Daily Share Biz Kortcha in Bangladesh. Share Biz team analysis Dhaka and Chittagong stock market and reporting Share and Economical news. It is a Bengali Newspaper in our countries. The newspaper contains total 15th pages. The papers Eight and Nine page analysis, DES (Dhaka stock Exchange), and CSE (Chittagong stock exchange) trading. Its Third page has Company news, and Editorial has Second pages.

This paper Tabloid on share market and online edition. Share Biz updates at the online time to time DSE & CSE, trading and Company news. On 24 March, 2008 it was founded. Manzur Sadek Khosnobish is the founder, chief editor of the Daily Share Biz Kortcha.

Share Biz: Information

A lot of people are now involved in the share business They can learn about the market company analysis  through this newspaper. At the end of the year, People know what percentage of the profit or loss of the company from Share Biz Kortcha. Now Bangladeshi many people are working in abroad, and they are interested about our Share Market so, that they have many information like that which company is good or which company is bad, company p/e ratio, what percent dividend given which company, every information they have known from this newspaper.

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