Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): The Sangbad Ltd.

Founded: 17th May 1951

Editor/Publisher: Altamas Kabir

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: 36, Purana Palton, Dhaka-1000, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 9567557

Email Adress:


Sangbad is a Bengali daily newspaper in our country. It is the oldest, most popular Bangladeshi newspaper. On 17th May 1951 the paper was first published. A business man, Giashuddin Ahmed it was founded and founder is Khirul Kabir. In 1952, Sangbad was bought by the Muslim League. Next the newspaper bought Ahmodul Kabir and he Founded and the Sangbad Ltd. And He is the owner of the paper. In 2003 Ahmodul Kabir is the editor of Dainik Sangbad. After his death,  Its Editor is Altamas Kabir.

Regular News of Songbad

The daily Songbad always strongly fighting to Military rules. Pakistan’s Govt tried to stop the Daily Sangbad. This newspaper publishes regularly  our Country news and World news, Economy related news and analysis, Entertainment (TV schedules, Showbiz news and Gossip), Travel, ICT news, Feature of lifestyle, National and International sports news, Health and Fitness (tips, advice and suggestions,) Educational news (tips, tutorials, result of public exams admission news), Career related tips, regional news and many more.

Many notable journalists and respectable person like Abed Khan, Toha Khan, Khirul Kabir, Nasiruddin Ahmed, Shahodullah Kaisar, Shantosh Gupto, Abu Jafar Shamsuddin, Ronesh Das Gupta, Shotten Sen, Syed Nuruddin and others wrote for this newspaper. The paper has an online edition.

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