Kaler Kantho


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): East West Media Group Ltd.

Founded: 10 January 2010

Editor/Publisher: Imdadul Hoq Milon

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: Plot-371/A, Block-D, Bashundhara, Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 8402372-75

Email Adress: info@kalerkantho.com

Website: http://www.kalerkantho.com/

Kaler Kantho is a most popular Bangladesh news portal in Bangla news. There are Many feature pages in Kaler Kantho. Its first three months of publication in 2010, the Daily print was going over 280,000 copies.

Popular Bangladeshi journalist Abed Khan it was founded and first published in Dhaka on 10 January 2010.Mr. Khan would resign in June 2011. Now Kaler Kantho is present editor Imdadul Hoq Milon. The Daily Kaler Kantho is part of Bashundhara group and has paper mill. It can get papers at a lower price . Kaler Kantho uses paper produced at Bashundhara paper mill.

Kaler Kantho News Category:

The newspaper, which presents the news on a regular basis is National News (Desher Khabor), International News (Antorjatik khabor), Rgional News (Ancholik khobor), Sports (Kheladhular Khabor), Entertainments and Media Gossips, Health Tips (Sasthokotha), Business And Economics related news.

This newspaper faces Weekly Anannya, Computer Jagot, Ananda Alo, Rob bar, Ekattor etc. Kaler Kantho offers different some supplements Joyeeta, Campus, Annakono Khane, Sandhani, spotlight, education, shudhoi Dhaka, shuvaangho, sohai, celebus nai, takbishaw. The big idea of The Daily Kaler Kantho is (Not partial, full truth).After production , The newspaper send two different divisions and districts. A newspaper is all news and the news will must be the triumph of truth.


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