Daily Jugantor


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Jamuna Group

Founded: February 1, 2000

Editor/Publisher: Saiful Alom

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: Ka-244 progoti Sorony,(Bisha Road)Baridhara, Dhaka, Bangladesh

Phone No: +88 02 8419211-5

Email Adress: jugantor.mail@gmail.com

Website: http://www.jugantor.com/

Daily Jugantor is a leading popular newspaper.This newspaper is the very popular, among the peoples of the rural areas in our country. This newspaper was established in 1999. It is printed and published by Jamuna printing and publishing Ltd. The Daily Jugantor has very quickly reached the top position. The newspaper is most read Bangladesh people and one of the largest selling Bangla newspaper.

Supplements of Jugantor:

The Daily Jugantor holding their second position in Bangladesh with help of many of their special supplements this news paper. ”Bicchu” is a very funny supplement and other supplements are “Ghore Baire”, “Protimoncho”, ”Jugantor Dot-Com”, “Tara Jhil Mil”, “Sahittyo samoyki”, “khelar mela”, “Shasto kushol” etc.

Regular News of Jugnator:

Its regular sections are National and International news, Economics and Business related news, Health tips and advice, Education and Knowledge, Sports analysis, Entertainment, Editorial, Sub-editorial, Feature and many more.

This newspaper maintains as the highest standard of journalism in Bangladesh with the authentic news presentation. The newspaper is also prominent for the cartoon.They find out the problem of government and publish it through cartoon to the people. It has a reputation to publish the true news, so they get the real news of any impact easily.

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