Ajker Barisal


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Balaram Poddar Bablu


Editor/Publisher: M A Miraj Hossain.

Language: Bengali


Phone No: +88 01715605625

Email Adress: news@ajkerbarisal.com

Website: http://www.ajkerbarisal.com/

About Ajker Barisal:

Ajker Barisal is a Daily Bengali newspaper in Barisal Division, Bangladesh. It’s top newspaper in Barisal Division. This newspaper is in the news every district of Barisal division. It is reported that each of the local papers, as it needs a lot more. Eased by Ajker Barisal newspaper, one of the people in the district have been reported in another district. Barisal sections of this paper by the district when the chance of happening. It’s a daily news published is Barisal news, Political news, Jhalokati District news, Patoutakhali district news, Barguna district news, pirojpur district news, Bhola district news and entertainment. It’s Chief Advisor’s name is Balaram Poddar Bablu, and Editor is M A Miraj Hossain. Ajker Barisal publishing uncompromising truth.

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