Andoloner Bazar


Newspaper Type: Daily newspaper

Format: Broadsheet

Owner(s): Manzur Ehsan Choudhury

Founded: 1993

Editor/Publisher: Anisuzzaman Dablu (Acting editor)

Language: Bengali

Headquarters: Mazampur Gate, Kushtia-7000, Bangladesh.

Phone No: +8801711450944

Email Adress:


Andoloner Bazar is a Daily newspaper in Khulna Division and it published from Kushtia district. It has an old newspaper. In this paper, the first modern newspaper published from Khulna division. That is why it needs to have a separate. Andoloner Bazar is the editor and publisher name is Munzur Ehsan Choudhury. Its acting editor is Anisuzzaman Dablu. This newspaper has an online version. In online version time to time update. The Daily Andoloner Bazar regular news category is National news, International news, Regional news, Editorial, Sub-Editorial, Sports news and analysis, Agriculture news, Entertainment and other news. The first page of the newspaper, the country’s main news.

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