Ananda Alo


Newspaper Type: Magazine

Format: Magazine

Owner(s): Impress telefilm publications

Founded: 14th March, 2005

Editor/Publisher: Impress telefilm publications

Language: Bengali


Phone No:

Email Adress:


Ananda Alo is one of the top Bengali lifestyle magazine in Dhaka, Bangladesh and it launched on March 14, 2005. It is published by Impress telefilm publications. Ananda Alo is always follow the highest standard of editorial policy. It also provides true, fair and very comprehensive news. It very popular to the young generation for it’s comprehensive news. An online edition is  available of Ananda Alo and the online edition has reached the top position amongst all other Bengali lifestyle magazine in Bangladesh. Ananda Alo is a best platform to adapt new style fromnew trends.
It is the most popular magazine with full of celebrity news and events. It has a huge readership from all over the world. Dedication and hard work of Ananda Alo’s time make it globally recognized.You can get information about juicy interviews and lifestyle of your favorite stars. It is very popular for its amazing beauty tips and expert advice, advice and articles onrelationship, answer of asked question from expert, fun contests and quizzes. Lucky readers of Ananda Alo get gifts or prizes. Readers also get chances to appear in the wall post of Ananda Alo by joining exclusive contests on the Facebook fan page of Ananda Alo.

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