National Newspapers in Bangladesh

In this post we are going to describe about all national newspapers in Bangladesh. A newspaper is a Daily publication consisting of few folded sheets with containing news and articles, features, advertisements and reviews. Generally a business or an organization collect news from different part of the world print it and distributes such a publication for publicly. Usually Printed media distributed daily or weekly in the form of a folded book of papers and most important and interesting news are displayed on the front page of the publications. National Newspapers are usually printed on cheap and off-white paper known as newsprint paper but some newspapers are printed on colored newsprint.

Every National Newspapers should have four criteria to be a newspaper

  • Its news and articles are reasonably reachable to the public
  • It is published at regular basis or Periodically
  • It cannot publish information without the publication allows its schedule
  • It covers a range of topics with full information

There are three format of modern newspapers

Broadsheet: The largest format of newspaper is broadsheet. Typically 22 inches or 560 millimeters has characterized as large format. The “Dutch Courante uyt Italien” is the first broadsheet newspaper published in 1618.

Popular Broadsheet National Newspapers

  • Daily Prothom Alo is a Bengali broadsheet newspaper in Bangladesh.
  • Daily Naya Diganta, is a daily broadsheet Bengali-language newspaper in Bangladesh
  • The Daily Star is a daily broadsheet English-language newspaper of Bangladesh.
  • The Bangladesh Observer is an oldest continuously published English-language daily in Bangladesh.


A tabloid newspaper is smaller in size then broadsheet. The tabloid format of newspaper has no standard precise dimensions.

Popular Tabloid Newspapers:

  • Daily Star is a popular daily tabloid newspaper published in the United Kingdom.
  • The Daily Mirror is a British national daily tabloid newspaper

Berliner format

Berliner format is marginally wider and slightly taller than tabloid format and it is both shorter and narrower than the broadsheet format size. The measurement of Berliner format newspaper is about 315 by 470 millimeters.

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