English Newspapers in Bangladesh

Here you will get the list of the top English newspapers in Bangladesh by daily circulation.These figures include both print and digital subscriptions.Most top English newspapers in Bangladesh are usually printed in broadsheets but very few of them are daily tabloids. All daily top English newspapers are published from Dhaka capital of Bangladesh. Every top English newspapers has morning editions and there are no evening editions of English newspaper. Some top English newspapers offer online versions and they are very popular on online. The figures of top English newspapers include branded print editions and normal print editions.

This list of top English newspaper is compiled keeping in mind the demand and developments of the 21 century. It is time to say that the online readership of popular newspaper are incising day by day but printing circulation are declining. It is true that when lists for online readership and print circulation of newspapers are created the calculation of overall picture will be different. It should be bear in mind that newspapers with a strong circulation number do not necessarily have an equally strong online readership and the reason is most of such newspapers ended up ranking low or not at all in this list of top newspaper.

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